An Active Christmas

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With Christmas only just around the corner it’s time to think about your exercise plans! An average person gains 5lbs over the festive period, taking in over double the calorie allowance for sometimes up to a week.  With family gatherings, work parties and meeting up to celebrate with friends, it is the most important time to stick to your regular exercise routine or even a great time to get one started.

People tend to stop exercising over the Christmas period and think they will pick it up in the New Year, but if you keep exercising you will have a fighting chance of stopping the weight gain and sluggish feeling you get from no exercise and over eating!

30mins -1hr a day is all that is needed. Knowing you have done some exercise will put your mind at rest that you have burnt some calories off when you are tucking into your next meal.

Handy hints to keep the weight gain at bay;

  • Weigh yourself regularly so you are aware of what you weight at the start and the changes happening through the holiday season
  • Wear your favourite fitted jeans or dress, this will make you aware as you eat more that your stomach is expanding and your clothes are getting tighter
  • Drink water! You are very likely to be over eating on rich foods throughout Christmas so make sure you help your digestive system and drink plenty of water, this will help to keep heart burn, acid reflux and bad tummies at bay.
  • Keep busy, the more you sit around the more you will eat. Going walking, jogging, horse riding, making a snow man or quasar are all family activities that will keep you from eating out of boredom. Not only will it cut back on calorie intake it will burn calories too!
  • Mindless nibbling from bottomless bowls of party snacks can quickly lead to dangerous amounts of empty calories. So instead, serve yourself on a small appetizer plate and then move completely away from the food or buffet stations.

Check out the content of the foods you love over Christmas

Christmas Foods Calories Fat
1 slice of Christmas cake(70g) 249kcal 8g
1 portion of chocolate log (30g) 101kcal 3g
1 portion of cheese and biscuits 394kcal 27g
1 portion of mixed nuts (40g) 243kcal 22g
1 portion Christmas pudding (100g), custard and brandy butter 587kcal 22g
1 mince pie and double cream 368kcal 25g
1 glass of mulled wine 245kcal 0g


So remember keep active over Christmas to keep those pounds away! Merry Christmas.

By Lucy Rees – One Life Personal Training


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