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Today Dani and I decided to concentrate on a more vegetable over fruit smoothie and focused on Greens! 

Greens are such a valuable source of nutrients…..by filling up on a nutritious combination like this, you are going to have so much energy and vitality. 

The main ones chosen today are packed full of anti oxidants, vitamins, phyto nutrients and dietary fibre…..What more could we want!

I am still being introduced to new things all the time and growing more confident in the power of ” throwing things together”


Palmful of Broccoli

Palmful of Pak Choi

Palmful of Spinach

Palmful of Mint

2 inches of Cucumber

Palmful of Grapes

Palmful of Blueberries

Squeeze a whole Lime

600ml of Water


This is a very refreshing smoothie. We found it a bit more bitty than our previous ones, but this helped give it some needed substance and texture.

We are experimenting all the time, some smoothie combinations will work better than others, but until you try you won’t know! Eventually we will look back over our trials and list our favourites.

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