5 day detox plan for January follow my progress…..

Hello Everyone!

Today I have started my 5 day Juice Detox delivered by Big Juicewww.bigjuiceltd.com

You can choose from 3, 5 or 7 day plans all delivered frozen to your door. You have 5 delicious juices per day, so all you have to do is defrost each day the night before then they are ready to drink.

I will be posting my progress over the next 5 days to let you know how I feel either  or  hopefully the latter!

It is really important to rest your body so it can repair and carry out the bodily functions it is meant to do, rather than breaking down all the excessive food that we put into our body’s on a daily basis.

I am doing this with a view to cleansing 1 day per week so my body can rest and repair. Great weight management too!

I’m drinking Melon Medley for my breakfast nice and slowly – a great way to rehydrate after your sleep. Melon is best drunk on an empty stomach. This rich combination of yellow fruits will give you a refreshing lift to start your day.

As well as Juicing this week I will also have 2 colonic hydrotherapy treatments to help in the elimination process and rid my body of toxins.

I will also try lots of detoxifying techniques. For example, dry skin brushing towards the heart can increase circulation to the skin, encouraging your body to discharge metabolic waste.

It stimulates the lymphatic system, which also helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

It also helps your skin to breathe by removing dead skin cells, and opening clogged pores.

Further techniques can be obtained from my ‘how to detox safely guide’ this package gives you lots of helpful tips on how to detox slowly and safely in an enjoyable way instead of starving yourself and suffering intense withdrawal, coupled with colonic hydrotherapy treatments and castor oil packs.

For further details on this package and other treatments please visit


Enjoy Feeling Good!