These affordable sessions are ideal for clients who want to improve their diet in order to feel and look healthier. 
These sessions are recommended once a week, for 3-6 weeks depending on needs of the client.
A minimum of 3 sessions is needed to receive all the information, and to try and make a difference.
These sessions can also be taken as a double session (2 hours), coupled with a colon hydrotherapy treatment CLICK ME
  • Are you struggling with what foods to eat and when to eat them?  
  • Maybe your weight is up and down and you want to learn how to manage this more effectively?
  • Are you feeling tired lately and your energy levels are low?
  • Are you struggling to sleep at night and feel restless?
  • Maybe your skin is getting you down and you’ve been getting break outs?
  • Have you been struggling with your digestion for years; where you’ve been suffering with IBS, diarrhoea, bloating, bad wind, stomach cramps or constipation?
A new diet approach can help all of the above issues and more.  You just need to be ready and up for change.  I want you to enjoy this process of becoming healthier, where we reduce the acidic foods slowly, whilst introducing healthy foods to replace them. 
You can still enjoy your life, I just want to create balance to the people who have lost their way slightly.  Some of you may need to reign things in for a little longer to get the required results, but many can slowly make changes and see great results. 
I want to educate you and inspire you to learn more about your body, and what it needs, so you stay healthy and slim for the future.
You will be given all of the information and tips to improve your health slowly and enjoyably, session by session with a follow up email. This is all at your own pace, no pressure.  I want this to be sustainable for you; so you can achieve lasting health forever and not just a few weeks.


*Please note – the results from changing your diet can vary from client to client. A positive approach to changing diet and lifestyle is needed for the best outcome.
​Privacy Promise
The information you provide when booking, will be kept confidential and used to help support your customer relationship with Essential Health Colonics. We want to help you find information on our website quickly and alert you to special offers, updated information and other new products and services recommended by Essential Health Colonics with your consent only. We keep your information confidential, and will not use it for any other purpose.