Our colons are precious so we need to keep them healthy.  Our gut makes up 80 percent of our immune system, so keeping it clean, prevents every day illness and disease. We need to keep our colons hydrated, waste and toxin free, and stimulated to ensure good health.

There are many types of bowel movements, however, what’s important is that you are achieving healthy poo’s.  Having a bowel movement 1 -3 times per day is a must, and I emphasise healthy!  Going to the toilet every day with pellets or runny stools is no good.  Your body is telling you, there is something wrong.

A perfect poo should be like a smooth firm sausage, cardboard colour with no cracks.  When you’ve had a poo it should be a clean wipe, not much mess and not much smell.  A diet high in vegetables, fruit, seeds, beans, wholegrains, water, good bacteria, low stress and daily activity could achieve this.


Happy Belly!

I meet lots of clients most don’t poo, maybe a pellet a week if they’re lucky.  You can retain about 2 stone of waste in your colon, which builds up over the years.  If you are holding onto waste you start to feel terrible, and your immune system becomes run down, resulting in illness or serious disease.

Nervous bellies are common, the poo is soft or runny.  Some people have diarrhoea every day and feel they’re getting rid of waste.  This is not a good situation, only fresh waste is leaving the colon via lots of water, resulting in dehydration.  Fresh waste is not the problem, its old fermented matter that starts to cause disease and digestive conditions.



IBS the famous umbrella word!  Widely used by the medical profession.  However, what is causing your irritated bowel?  We need to get to the source of the problem, is it food or is it stress?  Many possibilities; or does your gut need some love and attention to improve digestion?

Acid Reflux, a horrible condition. The problem is, there isn’t enough acid being produced to break down the food, so food ferments longer and causes reflux.  Many people believe there is too much acid, so they take medication to reduce the amount.  Reduced acid makes things worse, how will you break down your food?  Improving your digestion, absorption and elimination could improve this.

Digestive issues can cause many symptoms like: headaches, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, bad skin, tiredness, irritation, weight issues, bad breath, sleep issues, acid reflux, food intolerance and more…

Colon Hydrotherapy is the easiest way to detoxify, remove waste, whilst hydrating your body effortlessly. It’s about hydration and stimulation to get the muscle working properly to ensure daily, healthy bowel movements.

Having a colonic literally involves lying there, covered with a towel whilst your colon is cleansed with filtered, tepid water.  The session is about 30-40 minutes long, and in that time you are learning about nutrition and what you should be eating.

During a course of treatments a lot of waste and toxins are removed and your body is well hydrated; Upto 60 litres of water can pass through the body, hydrating all organs as the body absorbs what it needs.  The more waste removed, then the muscle becomes stronger and can start to work again, producing healthy stools, preventing any digestives symptoms.  Coupled with the fact your body is less toxic, your health is improved considerably.

You can read all over the internet that impaired digestion is connected with many common conditions and disease.  However, having a strong immune system/digestive system can prevent many illnesses and leave you feeling healthy and happy.

Don’t suffer with digestive issues when you don’t have too.  Try colonics and see how they can help you.  It’s a win win situation, you get healthier and gain knowledge to prevent symptoms from returning.

Give your body what it deserves, a good clean!  Try colon hydrotherapy!


Essential Health Colonics providing free diet advice


Call Reception on 0117 963 2335 to book with Danielle

Alternatively call Danielle on 07737 204 866 should you wish to discuss this treatment first.






I work the below days and times

Monday and Tuesday 2:30pm to 8:30pm

Wednesday and Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm

My clinic is situated in Southville Clinic with free parking at the back of the building.




The below conditions are contraindications – medical advice is needed in order to proceed if these conditions apply to you as the treatment cannot be carried out.  Please discuss with your therapist and your doctor before proceeding.  In many instances a doctor’s note will be needed to perform the treatment.


Severe Cardiac Disease, Crohns, Severe Anaemia, GI Haemorrhage/perforation, Diverticulitis, Active fissures/fistulae, Ulcerative colitis, Recent colorectal surgery, Renal insufficiency, Cirrhosis or abdomen hernia, Colorectal carcinoma, Pregnancy and Unmonitored High BP

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