Tips to Help with Constipation

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Constipation affects all of us at certain times, however, many people suffer with this all their lives.  Here

Happy Belly!

Happy Belly!

are some simple tips to help get things moving again.

1. Drink plenty of water between 2 – 3 litres per day.  Ensuring the water is room temperature as cold water is very bad for digestion.

2. linseeds, flax seeds and chai seeds, very good sources of fibre – 1-2 tbl per day – add to homemade cereal, porridge or a green smoothie.

3. lots of vegetables and fruit (keep skin on fruit and veg) – especially raw leafy greens – eating raw is very beneficial to your digestive system so have raw every day if you can.

4. probiotics – good natural live yoghurt, organic miso, sauerkraut, tofu…. fermenting foods are so important to support your immune system, help heal, repair and aid digestion

5. friendly grains – quinoa, buckwheat and millet

6. reduce animal products as these types of foods slow digestion

7. reduce convenience foods – high is saturated fat, sugar and salt – these types of foods damage your gut

8. STOP the stodge – pasta, bread, white rice, micro meals etc…….. block you up and make your overweight.

9. exercise often – running, cardio style exercise really good at gettings things moving.  However, digestion also works well when you are relaxed, try yoga or the spa!

10. try colonic irrigation treatment – great for removing waste and toxins from the large intestine.   When you are constipated this is great at removing stubborn matter. Promotes good digestion, detoxification, absorptions of vitamins and minerals, hydration, weight loss and much more…….

Danielle is only a call away if you need advice or would like to book a treatment CONTACT DANIELLE

Have a great day!


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