You need to treat your body as a whole, rather than the individual problem, when it comes to disease or some kind of disorder.  Our body is a working machine.  Once one part is damaged, this will then damage another part.

Give your body goodness from food, water, supplements, cleansing, exercise and relaxation and your body will heal. Fact!  If something has developed over time then it can be reversed with a better diet and lifestyle!

‘Dr. Amy Shah writes a great article on how to reduce inflammation, balance hormones and repair gut health.

Inflammation is my specialty. But more and more, I’m convinced that hormones, inflammation, and gut health are like a trifecta. When you have one imbalance, it creates an overall imbalance. And when you fix one, the other one improves. I call it the “Wellness Trifecta.”  CLICK  ME TO READ MORE’


Why don’t you try Coffee Enemas to clean your liver, remove toxins and waste from the colon?  Start cleaning today. Call 0117 963 2335 to book your colon hydrotherapy treatment and coffee enema!  Coffee enemas are usually £25, now they are only £15.  CLICK ME FOR MORE INFO ON HERBAL ENEMAS


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