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The importance of Salt! Good Salt!

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

Mike Geary writes an interesting article with regards to salt.  I always thought salt was bad for me and tried to avoid it as best I could. Through educating myself on nutrition, I started realise the importance of good salt and why we all need to get it in our diets.


I was cooking a recipe the other day when I noticed “salt” as one of the ingredients, and it hit me — sometimes I forget that most people still falsely believe that salt is “bad for you”.  At least that’s what the media tells you, right?


The REAL problem is refined table salt.  Refined salt is simply nothing more than sodium chloride, but it’s MISSING over 80 trace minerals that are naturally supposed to be in salt, because those vitally important minerals have been refined out.

Refined salt is the main reason salt in general has such a bad reputation. It’s the same terrible stuff you find in processed foods. Humans actually NEED salt, but most research (especially what’s been published in America) has revolved around refined table salt – and the results have shown that this stuff is BAD for you.

In many parts of the world, it is well-accepted that salt itself is NOT the problem … it’s the TYPE of salt that’s causing problems.

Refined table salt is pretty scary, actually. It often contains harmful anti-caking agents, some of which have been linked to heavy metal toxicity and kidney problems. A common preservative in these refined salts, sodium acetate, may cause elevated blood pressure and kidney disturbances.

So what should you use instead?

The truth is that unrefined sea salt is actually VERY good for you.  It helps to balance your blood sugar, helps keep your bones strong, regulates your metabolism, boosts your immune system and more. Natural, unrefined sea salt provides a number of nutrients and minerals, in a way that the body recognizes and knows how to use. Over 80 trace minerals found in the naturally filtered salt water used to create unrefined sea salt give it its vital grayish color, and its slight moistness keeps the salt and minerals in a form that the body can use.

Not only that, but the naturally occurring minerals in REAL unrefined sea salt are vitally important to maintaining normal blood pressure. In fact, it’s been found to be dangerous to your health to eat too little salt, and this frequently happens when somebody has been told by their doctor to restrict sodium, so they erroneously start avoiding ALL salt, instead of eating truly natural healthy salt that contains all of the trace minerals.

You can find many kinds of unrefined salt right in the store but check the label, it must say “unrefined” – some sea salts are still refined. I personally am in LOVE with something calledColima Sea Salt, which is not sold in stores. I know for a fact is high-quality, unrefined, and loaded with the good minerals and nutrients you need… The reason I know this is that I’ve actually become friends with the owner of the company from visiting Sayulita Mexico every year, and he has personally showed me all about where and how they harvest this rare salt.

But, the #1 reason I use it? Well, it is hands-down the tastiest salt I’ve ever tried.  You can actually truly TASTE the difference!

In fact, Colima Sea Salt is so good that they can barely keep it in stock! They can only harvest it 16 weeks out of the year, so the supply is limited. And, every time they get a fresh batch, it disappears pretty fast.

Luckily, I just got word that they just got a fresh batch in, and they are once again accepting orders for it right now… so if you want to be one of the few people who get in on this next batch of nutrient-rich Colima Sea Salt – before it disappears – head over here now (Note: this is only for readers in the US currently, as they don’t ship out of the country unfortunately)

You can also read on that page some of the studies showing that if you consume too little salt, it can actually CAUSE heart disease.  These are important studies, so make sure to read the studies presented on this page.

Enjoy this top quality sea salt in all of your recipes!  My wife and I have been using this particular sea salt for the last 2 years and we love it!  We would never buy regular unhealthy refined salt at the grocery store ever again.

To your health,

Mike Geary

Certified Nutrition Specialist
Best-Selling Author

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