Very common symptoms for most of us, let’s delve deeper to understand why we pass wind!

Farting!  Yes I am going to talk about it 🙂

  • Farting is a physiological phenomenon produced by colon bacteria.
  • The gut contains 100 to 200 ml of gas
  • On average with a normal diet a person can emit about 1L per day!! Yikes!
  • We pass 50 to 500ml of gas (13.6 times) per day.  This can vary from person  to person, depending on diet, lifestyle etc.
  • Most gas comes from the colon.  Some carbohydrates and other ingested materials not absorbed by the small intestine arrive intact (undigested food particles) in the colon, where resident bacteria digest and produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide. methane and trace gases.

Tips to help reduce gas!

  • We all need to slow down when eating.  Chew your food 20-30 times until it is liquidised!
  • Appreciate your food – the taste, texture, take your time to swallow it.
  • Eat food when it is room temperature.  Digestion responds better when our body temperature isn’t affected.
  • Only eat when relaxed – if you are stressed or in a rush then avoid eating at this time.
  • Try eating with chopsticks – this will slow you down.
  • Put your knife and fork down between every mouthful.
  • Don’t consume liquids  40 minutes before, during and after a meal, this ensures effective absorption and digestion.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing, especially around the waste.
  • Reduce your animal protein and convenience food intake
  • Veggies (especially dark) and beans/lentils can cause gas,  stick with it, in time your body will adapt and digest more effectively.

Take care and Enjoy this lovely weather.


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