Microbiome Testing with YourGutMap at Essential Health Colonics
“All disease starts in the gut.” – Hippocrates
At Essential Health Colonics, we’ve partnered with YourGutMap to offer you advanced microbiome testing services, which provides comprehensive insights into your gut health. Take the first step towards a healthier you with convenient at-home testing kits.
What is Microbiome Testing? 
A microbiome test is a tool that provides valuable insights into the intricate world of microbes residing in your gut and their correlation with overall health outcomes. Your gut microbiome is unique to you with trillions of bacteria and about 3 million genes, and plays a crucial role in digestion, immunity, and the nervous system. No two microbiomes are the same, even amongst identical twins. Due to the uniqueness and complexity of the human microbiome, YourGutMap has created a bioinformatics database compiled from over 50,000 microbiome samples and references 90+ research studies, transforming data into actionable health insights.
How Does Gut Microbiome Testing Work?
Gut microbiome testing involves a straightforward stool sample, analysing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The at-home testing kits provide clear instructions for sample collection, which is then sent to the lab for analysis. YourGutMap’s comprehensive testing process includes:
  • Simple at-home stool sample swab from a toilet roll.
  • Accredited laboratory genetic analysis.
  • Reporting on 30+ key health insights.
  • Bacteria report for 20+ Health Conditions.
  • Microbiome Diversity, Biological Age, and more.
  • Expect to receive your results in 3 weeks from sample receipt.
Also, be assured that your sample is in safe hands. YourGutMap’s partner laboratory, is part of one of the largest laboratory groups globally, and has a specialist genomics division. Samples are analysed in Europe using a CE marked genomic analyser, and the laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited.
Get a Personalised Diet Guide for Microbiome Rebalancing
YourGutMap’s AI-based health reporting tool decodes your microbiome data, generating a Personal Diet Guide. This guide can help you rebalance your microbiome naturally with:
  • 300 foods and drinks scored 0-10.
  • Over 4000 recipes from 25 regional cuisines.
  • Unique custom diet plans tailored to your microbiome.
How to Get Started: 
  • Contact Danielle at danielle@essentialhealthcolonics.co.uk.
  • Receive a confirmation email with instructions.
  • Provide necessary information to process the order.
  • Make payment via BACS.
  • Your chosen test will be ordered and delivered to your door.
  • Collect your sample following the provided instructions.
  • Return your sample via the prepaid envelope and register your test online.
  • Once results are ready (upto 4-5 weeks from reaching the lab), you will have the option to download recipes, tailored to your microbiome.
Gain a better understanding of your gut microbiome with a simple at-home test and valuable insights that guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. While this test doesn’t diagnose diseases, it provides crucial information about your digestion and gut health. Explore the world of your microbiome today with Essential Health Colonics and YourGutMap. Contact Danielle at danielle@essentialhealthcolonics.co.uk and embark on your journey to optimal health!