Herbal Enemas – an add on to your colonic treatment.  You will receive a colonic session and towards the end the herbal enema is administered.

Important – herbal enemas are recommended after a minimum of 2-3 colonics; then the colon is less impacted to ensure good absorption of the liquid enema.

Should you choose a double colonic (1hr 15 minutes) then a herbal enema can be administered after this session.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Please choose your Herbal Enema – you can discuss this with your therapist if needed.

  • Coffee Enema– To detoxify the liver and stimulate the gall bladder to remove toxins. Helping clean the colon walls.  Stimulates Bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine.  Promotes improved digestion.  Speeds up the detoxification process.
  • Combination Enema Herbs– (burdock root, raspberry leaves, red clover, wild yam and yellow dock) smooth muscle relaxant herbs, mild laxative and liver stimulating properties.  Helps aid the colon when evacuation is unsatisfactory.
  • Anti-Spasm Enema Herbs– (lobelia, motherwort, peppermint, raspberry leaf and wild yam root) smooth muscle relaxant herbs.  Good for nerves, anxiety and stress.  Helps with gassy, constipated clients who have a stubborn colon.
  • Wild Yam – (wild yam root) anti-inflammatory helping relieve intestinal and urinary tract inflammation   Soothes spasm or muscle cramps (menstrual and hormonal stomach conditions) and relaxes muscles and nerves.  Also relieves IBS.
  • High Strength Probiotic Implant – to rebalance and repopulate your gut microbiome. This high strength Probiotic Implant contains the following probiotics BifidoBacterium Bifidum; BifidoBacterium Longum; LactoBacillus Acidophillus and LactoBacillus Casei and FOS.  They provide 28 Billion viable cells at the time of manufacture.


*Please note – the results from having a colon hydrotherapy treatment can vary from client to client. A positive approach to changing diet and lifestyle is needed for the best outcome.