Quick Tips To Improve Skin Issues

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Make your juice matter – go green!
















*Drink lots of tepid water, 2-3 litres per day
*Eat lots of fresh fruit and green vegetables. Alkalizing vegetables make your body more alkaline, so less acidic.
*Lots of Vitamin D – Get some sunshine. Stay out in the sunshine with no sun block for at least 20-30 minutes per day.
*Eat lots of Healthy good fats like avocado, oily fish, olive oil…
*Try cleaning your liver and gall bladder *Eat more raw foods
*Drink lots of green juices. 3/4 veg and 1/4 fruit.
*Eat less convenience, sugary, fatty, salty foods, meat, dairy and grains
*Drink less alcohol and caffeine
*Get more sleep
*Reduce stress in your life
*Relax and rest more
*Exercise and move daily
*Drink lots of warm lemon water
*Use natural products on your skin like coconut or wheatgerm oil
*Use organic makeup products but less make up the better
*How are you cleaning your house and clothes? Make sure you use friendly products for the skin and our environment.
*Try a food intolerance test and see what foods irritate you? Avoid these foods to heal the gut.
*Focus on good bacteria and repopulate your gut with good flora. *Try Colon Hydrotherapy and *Coffee Enemas to help clean your body and your liver. If your body is clean then so is your skin.

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