Hey all


Another day….Another smoothie!


Pineapple and Avocado photo (1)

1/2  Avocado

1/2  Pineapple

2 small Nectarines

Handful of, a selection of, Kale, Spinach, 

Pak Choi and Jagallo Nero

Handful of Brazil and Hazlenuts

Small handful of Sunflower Seeds

Approx 400ml of Coconut Milk

Top up with water




Todays smoothie was a really thick, creamy mix of flavours and nuttiness, we loved it!

Again full of lots of greens, although today we added an ingredient I hadn’t come across before….Jagallo Nero.  It turns out it is a variety of Kale.  It has bluey/ grey jagged leaves and has a cabbage flavour.  As with Kale, spinach and pak choi,  it’s a great source of nutrients and anti oxidants…..a real health booster! 

The pineapple today added a different dimension.  It gave off a lovely fresh, juicy sweetness.  It is exceptionally high in Vitamin C…..an incredibly important and beneficial nutrient, helping to strengthen your immune system to keep you fighting fit,  along with Manganese which is a real energy source.

Did you know…..

The closer you are to the base of a Pineapple, the more sugar content there is.  This means there you will find a sweeter taste and more tender texture.


Enjoy x



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