You will receive a call from Danielle at a convenient time for your initial consultation.  The process will be explained in detail and your needs. Once you have decided upon your chosen package and payment is made you will be sent all the relevant documentation and further support is given if desired by email and phone.

You will be sent 6 documents in the process after your initial consultation via phone:

History of diet and nutrition – this document will help you understand what we have evolved to eat and why our bodies are struggling with our modern diets.  Education is vital in order for you to lose weight.  

7 Day food Diary – completed and returned for assessment.  It is important you are honest with everything you are consuming on a daily basis.  I can only help you if I have the correct information.  This will help me see where improvements are needed to help you lose weight.

Kick Start Diet – you must spend a few weeks detoxing and reducing your acidic intake of foods and drinks so the body can start to heal.  You will experience some withdrawal symptoms for the first week – and then things should start to improve. This document explains everything in detail and all the foods you can and can’t eat.

Optimum Weight Loss – this diet  highlights the differences between quick release and slow release carbohydrates.  It is designed to help you learn more about carbohydrate contents and the ​weight of food, and gives you the tools to shed some good honest pounds if done correctly.This can be followed for a few weeks or more for desired weight loss…

Maintenance Diet for the Future – Once you have lost your desired weight and are at a comfortable BODYFAT level… then you can focus on balance and eating the right foods for the future not just a few weeks.  This documents gives you the knowledge on what to eat and what to avoid forever with treats here and there!

​Healthy Recipes – These are examples of meals you can eat once you have lost your desired weight and focusing on your maintenance diet.  Just some ideas and suggestions.

REMEMBER….its about making positive changes so you stay fit and healthy forever and prevent disease and weight gain….IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY.

Important must read:  This diet has been designed for people that are generally healthy and do not have strong physiological or psychological issues with food. This is intended to help people who eat reasonably well but have lost their way slightly and put on between ½ a stone to 3 stone in weight due to over indulging and lack of exercise.  This diet is NOT for clinically obese people, as a doctor’s approval is essential and a more personal service is needed in this situation .

Do not enter into any diet if you have a serious illness, are pregnant or on heavy medications, always seek medical advice first – You may encounter symptoms following the diet…..irritability, hunger, unusual sleeping patterns, reduced bowel movements, brain fog, tiredness, headaches….these are all signs of the body detoxing and finding a natural balance.


Stonebridge Associates and Danielle Parkinson have written and provided all the information found in this Essential Health Weight Loss Package