I have teamed up with Big Juice Ltd in St Nicholas Market to offer you a great package of juices and colonic hydrotherapy treatments.    You can choose from 3, 5 or 7 day juice plans coupled with colonic treatments (number of sessions discussed with Danielle).  The full package offers 15% off the juice plans and up to 20% off a Colonic treatments, when purchased together.

Nutrition plays a vital part in our bodys’ ability to function at its best. As with all treatments and cleanses it is important to feed the body with the right nutrition to help maximize the effects and also restore the body’s balance.

Before treatment – A couple of hours before a colonic treatment  it is recommended that you eat and drink lightly. Water and fruit juices are ideal and also help soften your stools.

After treatment – Cleansing the colon allows better absorption of essential vitamins and minerals the body needs. Following a colonic treatment it is recommended you eat moderately providing the body with foods gentle and nourishing. After all, no point cleaning and then piling the junk back in.

Raw food juicing is a great way to continue cleansing and nourishing the body. To give your body the full package and reap the rewards of your treatment follow with a raw juice diet packed with easily absorbed vitamins & minerals.

These juices are mainly vegetable based, reducing your sugar intake per day.  These juices taste delicious and give good juicing ideas.  You have a juice every 3 hours, 5 juices per day.  They are all delivered frozen to your door to use as and when.  Alternatively you can collect them from St Nicholas Market in town.

Further details can be obtained from Big Juice Ltd or please ask Danielle from Essential Health Colonics on 07737 204 866