Please note that Essential Health Colonics has moved to Southville, even though the location is different, this video gives you an idea of what to expect


  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to fill out a questionnaire.  We will start with a consultation to assess your reasons for wanting a treatment. Discussing symptoms, diet and lifestyle; with focus on what improvements can be made to improve symptoms and health.
  • You will be sent your detox guide via email ONLY.
  • Depending on which session you choose:- castor oil or colonic (alternatively you can book both)
  •  30 – 45 minute castor oil pack – Castor Oil is soaked in cotton wool and packed across the abdomen, where digestive problems can be a problem.  Cling film is used to protect and seal heat, whilst you are covered with a towel. A hot water bottle is gently placed on the abdomen to aid absorption.
  • 30 – 40 minute colonic treatment coupled with abdominal massage to aid waste removal.
  • Shortly after your session a comprehensive email is sent, detailing all the correct foods and drinks to eat; this will ensure we improve or even stop your symptoms.
  • The main focus is to become mindful with food; then you will stay slim and healthy for the future. Balance with vitamins and minerals is key.  You will be given the knowledge to choose clean, healthy, wholesome foods in a manageable way.  The method of slowly reducing acidic foods and introducing healthy foods, is an easy and achievable process for all clients.


Many people love detoxifying their bodies and gain fabulous health benefits. However, if the body isn’t detoxified slowly, this can cause great strain on our health.

This guide has been formulated to ensure you can detoxify easily and enjoy the process without starving yourself or suffer intense withdrawal.  It’s all about taking your time and indulging in the variety of detoxifying techniques.  You may find the process so enjoyable that you keep it in your regular routine to feel great all the time!

There are 3 great packages to choose from, these include;

  • 3 colonics, 3 castor oil packs plus detox safely guide
  • 3 colonics plus detox safely guide
  • 3 castor oil packs plus detox safely guide

The detox safely guide is carried out over 2 months, SLOWLY.  This is to ensure your body is ready and prepared for your 2 week detox, then you will take advantage of the above treatments.

Packages – must be paid for in advance and all sessions booked to avoid disappointment.  It is recommended to start mid January and finish the end of March.  However, if this is not possible then spring to summer detoxification is better than winter for best results.

Prepared Juices – can be purchased from Big Juice Ltd.  Please ask Danielle for details and further discount.

*Please note – the results from having a colon hydrotherapy treatment or castor oil pack can vary from client to client. A positive approach to changing diet and lifestyle is needed for the best outcome.