In order to have time to be healthy you need to prepare food, get organised and make extra for the days that follow. You could spend a few hours prepping and making food, then keep it fresh in the fridge. Whether for lunch or your evening meal, there is no excuse to buy rubbish due to lack of time.  We need to stop buying convenience oven meals or takeaways as we can’t be bothered to cook –  These foods slowly kill you!  Make life easier and get organised!

I had this for my lunch and made enough to nibble on whilst at work in the evening.

  • Mackerel – plain or peppered – gives you slow releasing energy – protein/good fat
  • sweet potato – good source of fibre with skin on
  • pak choi – clean the body
  • raw red onion – anti inflammatory
  • red pepper – strengthen your immune system
  • pickled garlic – good for the heart
  • tomatoes – great antioxidant
  • chilli oil – can lower blood glucose levels
  • For the evening I just added some kiwi for a bit of sweetness in my life 🙂

Enjoy 🙂


Healthy Lunch and leftovers.... always time to eat well :)

Healthy Lunch and leftovers…. always time to eat well 🙂



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