Losing body fat can be difficult if you don’t educate yourself! Find out how today!


Eating a balance wholefood diet, lots of water and lots of exercise is obvious.  However, what are the right foods, how much exercise?  You need to learn about your body, rather than fall for weight loss advertising!

Here are some of my quick tips to lose weight and the link below from myfitnesspal blog is an interesting read.

  1. drink water until you get practically transparent urine by the end of the day.
  2. drink cleansing teas to help remove toxins from the body like ginger, chicory, burdock…
  3. drink warm lemon water AM and PM to cleanse your intestines.
  4. have hot and cold showers to stimulate blood flow.
  5. exercise daily, every morning to get your metabolism going and then its done.  It doesn’t need to be intense exercise – day 1 cardio, day 2 yoga, day 3 long walk etc…
  6. fast daily, 14-16 hours from your last meal in the evening and just drink lots of water in that time.
  7. only eat when you feel hungry, cut down to 2 meals per day.
  8. try a homemade smoothie replacement for one meal and one normal meal
  9. eat foods high in protein and fat like avocado, seeds, nuts, oily fish, nut butters, nut cheeses, nut yoghurts
  10. eat lots of fibre rich foods like vegetables, but reduce root veg, replacing with lots of greens or non starchy vegetables.
  11. cut out refined carbs like baked goods, crisps, bread, convenience foods, white flour, pasta, rice….
  12. if you need that carb food, try short grain brown rice or pseudocereals, as these are friendlier to the body.  Better without for weight loss.
  13. snack only if needed, but try things like boiled egg, fruit, nuts, seeds, smoothie, steamed veg…
  14. drink smoothies like hemp seed milk, banana smoothie, avocado and cashew smoothie
  15. eat lots of raw foods as these will fill you up for longer
  16. try to eat your last meal as early as possible, before 6 if you can.
  17. try make your last meal the smallest meal and have a larger lunch
  18. try to walk and move more after each meal
  19. sleep well 7-8 hours, these is so important so our hormones aren’t all over the place
  20. have a plan, an event something to focus on losing weight for.


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