Keeping the Weight Off and Staying Healthy

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The best way to maintain weight and stay healthy is to eat a balanced, natural, clean diet of beans, fruit, vegetables, seeds, berries, lots of filtered water.  Coupled with exercising regularly, moving daily, relaxing daily. Stop over thinking and chill out!  Stretch daily. Laugh daily. Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Appreciate your friends, family and surroundings.  Love yourself!  Oh and get a kitten!!  Apparently they make you happy!  Mine does when he’s not running riot! 

Some interesting thoughts by Naomi Teeter on how to keep the weight off.  Thanks Danielle

‘Up until about seven years ago, I was a chronic yo-yo dieter. At my highest, I weighed 300 pounds and stayed at that weight for several years. Over the last six years of maintaining a 125-pound weight loss, I’ve noticed trends in what successful weight loss looks like. You’ll probably be interested to know that most of it isn’t taught in mainstream diet books or fitness programs.  READ MORE CLICK ME

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