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Introduction to Raw Food

I attended an amazing class on Saturday in Bristol.  ‘Introduction to Raw Food’ with Anna Middleton.  We covered so much in 4 hours and it was insightful, entertaining and the food was delicious.  This course is a great way to inspire you if you’re thinking about eating more raw.

The recipes I learnt were so easy, quick and delicious!

  • Almond milk
  • Chia Berry Breakfast
  • Nori and Coconut Wraps
  • Beetroot Ravioli
  • Curry with cauliflower rice and more…..

Foods we recognise, however, very clean, healthy and raw.  They tasted so good and the time they took was so much quicker than conventional cooking.

This has really inspired me as I’m finding it hard just eating salads and raw veggies so this will spice things up for me.

Check out Anna’s website…..

I will be covering more of these foods and the things I learnt over the coming months.

Thank you



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