Eating healthier alternative foods is a great way to lose weight and stay healthy.  Try sweet potato over normal potato, pasta, bread and white rice.  Sweet potato is full of nutrients and its a natural sugar which your body understands and metabolises correctly.

Try these great sweet potato recipes by Leah Vanderveldt, MindBodyGreen for some inspiration in improving your diet for the future.

5 Ways Sweet Potato Will Revolutionize Your Sugar-Free Cooking

Why don’t your try my recipe of sweet potato and seabass fishcakes

  • Sea bass – steam for a few minutes
  • sweet potato – steam till soft
  • on the vine tomatoes – steam till soft
  • Mix together, coupled with paprika, turmeric, pepper, salt and mixed herbs.
  • make two big lumps and gently flattened in pan 🙂
  • gently fry in coconut oil topped with creme fraiche
  • tomatoes, romaine lettuce and mixed leaves – lime and sesame oil dressing
Filling and Delicious!

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