——We are all suffering from time to time with digestive issues like, bloating, cramps, IBS and constipation.
However, many people have these conditions all the time and have done for many years. 

——We know we need more fibre and water but how much? Lots of people think good sources of fibre is gained from cereal and bread! This isn’t the case. 

——-It’s important to learn from the right people. Educate yourself and reap the benefits!

——If you have issues right now, call or email me and we can discuss this. 

——Colonic Irrigation has many benefits and could help you!

——porridge with coconut milk, banana, cinnamon and cacoa nibs! 😋

——cinnamon can help reduce flatulence and stomach cramps, amongst many other digestives issues 

——Oats are great sources of vitamin, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.


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