• Honours in Colonic Hydrotherapy ‘UK Holistics Training School’
  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology ‘UK Holistics Training School’
  • Diploma (Honours) in Diet and Nutrition  ‘UK Holistics Training School’
  • Certificate in Colonic Enema Training ‘UK Holistics Training School’
  • Honours in Advanced Colonic Hydrotherapy ‘Kelly Hopley – Midlands Training, Rictat approved’
  • Nutrition for everyday living Course ‘CNM Bristol’
  • Level 4 Diet and Nutrition Advanced diploma S.A.C. Dip. (specialising in weight loss) ‘StoneBridge Associated Colleges’


Membership with ‘The International Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers’ www.rictat.org

Insurance held with Balens ‘specialist insurance brokers’ www.balens.co.uk



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