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I used Danielle after my regular therapist was fully booked.  I found myself nervous having this procedure but Danielle was professional and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend Danielle and look forward to having more in the future, in my quest to try and have good overall health D Henshaw

I have had several colonics with Danielle……she is amazing at what she does……has cured my bloating and made me a whole lot healthier……her recipes are amazing…..and her knowledge and demeanour makes you feel at ease….I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who may feel embarrassed about having a colonic…… T Headley, Bath

I had battled with constipation, low energy, and bloated-ness with the occasional bout of depression for what seemed like years. After numerous trip to the GP and prescription after prescription I wanted to solve it once and for all and was recommended Essential Health by a friend. I have been going to see Danielle at Essential Health Colonic for close to six months now and the results have been truly amazing. I saw great results within 2-3 sessions. I would not go to anybody else for treatment. Danielle is very professional, friendly, understands her subject very well, gives extremely good nutritional advice and takes a personal interest to understand why you are visiting. I was so nervous and embarrassed prior to my first session but Danielle made me feel at ease and comfortable. She also gives great after care advice. Every time I finish a session with Danielle I always leave feeling happier, less bloated, more energetic and with an extremely clear mind! Personally, I would recommend Danielle at Essential Health Colonic every time! S Wosley, Bristol

My first session with Danielle was really nerve wrecking as I’d never done anything like this before, but the minute the session started Danielle made me feel at ease, safe and glad that I’d decided to do it.

I really appreciated not only the approach, genuine concern and overall standard of service, but the professional nature of the session.  I was so surprised by the outcome and I believe the health benefits are worth the effort!

I would definitely recommend Danielle as a practitioner and the service given”  C Robertson, Bristol

I have to recommend this to friends. I’ve been having treatment and lost 5lbs in the first week! Feel so much better in myself, skin is healthier, better sleep, more energy and it has started me off thinking more about my food and what I eat. Danielle Parkinson is really good at putting you at ease and you are given nutritional advice to stay healthy which is realistic so it is sustainable. It has also helped my IBS problems and bloatedness which I have suffered from for years without much help from GP. £50 well spent in my opinion, God knows how much I’ve spent on Gaviscon and IBS pills over the years!!  Michelle, Bristol

Hi Danielle, I came to you about a year and half ago and had several sessions and wrote to you recently to say I was moving to New Zealand …remember?  Either way, I have now moved there and just came back from a truly awful experience with another hypnotherapist and felt compelled to write you a quick note to say I took you for granted!!


Firstly what is the piece of equipment you use in your sessions called? I had no idea that I had booked onto one of those god awful lay down open toilets where it all dribbles out over yourself- know what I mean! So that was the 1st awful shock- (I found it so uncomfortable and embarrassing I couldn’t finish the treatment!)- and secondly the therapist was a disgrace, she barely glanced over my answers to the questionnaire, she was emotionally cold and the whole time all i could think about was how bloody brilliant you are!! Because I didn’t realise that to be a good therapist in this isn’t just knowing how to do the treatment!


Today just made me want to say, just a big appreciation to you and your skills and your kindness and knowledge and I think you must be a very special person, because Clearly not anyone can do your job and you do it brilliantly! i wish you was in New Zealand!!
kind regards,  Lara

I am a 36 yr old woman who suffers from M.E. Since i have been seeing Danielle for colonic therapy I have seen a number of improvements to my health including difficult to treat issues. These include reduced muscle pain, reduced allergies and asthma and improved PMT symptoms. I have also lost over 20 pounds of weight from the treatment and good dietary advice. I would definitely recommend Danielle and the treatment, which is extremely beneficial to me. Tamar, Portishead

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“I wouldn’t let anyone put something up my bum but I’d make an exception with  after having a coffee colonic. Wow feel amazing!”

“The venue was very relaxing, clean and comfortable. We found you very pleasant to talk with during the procedure and you manner was calming, which meant the time actually flew by. We thought you were very professional and knowledgeable. The follow up information you have provided has been excellent as well”  John and Helen, Dubai

“After fourteen years suffering from a debilitating illness, with a major relapse only a year ago, I thought it was time for change; I was tired, I could not function mentally or physically and was on so many tablets for one thing or another, I had a very negative attitude. After speaking to my specialist, who gave the treatment the nod of approval, I walked into Danielle’s room with not much to lose, except I thought, my shy nature. Within minutes of meeting Danielle, all embarrassment went out the window, with her professional and kind attitude, I was soon laughing away. After my first treatment I felt amazing, as if my eyes were bright and my head was cleared. I could not stop telling people about it, and after discussion with Danielle, we arranged a six week course to see how things would progress. After my second treatment I saw my specialist, who told me it was the biggest change she had seen in my health in years. Each week I was feeling brighter, more alert, and had more energy. Speaking of which, forget Starbucks or Costa, Danielle’s coffee treatment at weeks four and six had me bouncing off the walls for days!

After six weeks I was back to see my specialist and she can not believe the difference, and to be honest, neither can I. If you were to tell me six weeks ago that I would have energy, not only enough to function, but to enjoy life, I would be off over half my tablets, be pain free, sleeping better, eating better, fighting off illnesses in days not weeks and have my positive attitude back, I would not have believed you, no matter what the treatment was.

Danielle’s friendly, kind and informative nature is truly amazing, and I could not have chosen to go to a better person. She explains everything clearly, so you understand why your body reacts the way it does. She puts you at ease, and you will be chatting about life before you know it. The room is clean and inviting, not too clinical, but modern with music playing in the background and a beautiful view of Cabot Tower out the window. I cannot recommend the treatment and Danielle highly enough, to friends, family and anyone who will listen! I will be back for regular treatments to keep up all the good we have done.”Nikki, M.E. (C.F.S.) & Fibromyalgia sufferer

‘I enjoy colonic hydrotherapy treatments, mainly due to how great they make me feel.  I have been having these treatments for years and they are fantastic for weight control, they ensure I have regular/daily bowel movements, they keep me energised and I feel so proactive and positive shortly after a treatment. I always notice how my skin glows a week or so later and my eyes become vibrant.

Every time I have a treatment I refocus on my diet, ensuring I am mindful about what I eat and drink.  Its also great to know I am detoxifying my body, hydrating my colon and trying my best to be as healthy as I can in this modern world’. Danielle from Essential Health Colonics

*‘I have just finished a course of 3 colonics with Danielle.  I am 61 and never have really been interested in anything like this before, but after researching colonic irrigation, I decided to give it a go.  I was feeling quite sluggish. My stomach was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable.  Even after the first session, Danielle made me feel very at ease whilst having the treatment. I felt so much more energised.  I even got back into playing badminton again after many years.  After my three treatments I have definitely felt the benefits.

Danielle is very professional and I have recommended her to my friends who are thinking of having it done.  The experience has also made me take a good look at what I eat. Danielle has given me lots of very constructive advice, which I have taken note of.  All I can say, that from my experience, it has been very positive and I will definitely be going back to Danielle when I feel the need.’ J Chambers, Keynsham

*’I have had several treatments from Danielle over the past year, and found her to be both highly professional and extremely approachable.  Having never had colonic hydrotherapy before, I was more than a little apprehensive prior to my first appointment.  However, Danielle put me completely at ease and took the time to explain all aspects of the treatment both before and during the session.  I found the treatments highly beneficial, and have gone on to recommend Danielle to a number of my friends as a result.’ A Taylor, Bristol

*I had my first Colonic Irrigation Treatment with Danielle recently. Initially I was apprehensive as it was my first time but she was very reassuring and put me at ease letting me understand how beneficial the treatment was . She was very informative and throughout the treatment calmed my nerves. She also recommended the best foods to eat to help my digestion. After my treatment I felt great and within the next day’s felt much better within myself that I had for awhile. I’ve booked my next two treatments with her as three is the recommended minimum but I’m sure she will be seeing me much more than that. Thanks Danielle.  D Davidson, Bristol

*‘When I nervously went for a colonic treatment, I ended up having the most amazing and wonderful cleansing experience.  Danielle made what can be a rather awkward situation into a truly person-centred one.  I felt at ease and so relaxed as Danielle explained the process.  I would recommend a colonic with Danielle to anyone and will be returning for another one most definitely’. M Steyn, Bristol

When I came to the clinic I was extremely nervous and scared about having the treatment done. Danielle immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.
The treatment itself is very discreet and nothing like what I imagined. Me and my mum even went in together as it is not at all embarrassing or exposing.
After the treatment I felt great and experienced some really good benefits like a flatter stomach, weight loss and generally feeling a lot healthier.
Danielle provided some great information on nutrition and looked at my diet which was really helpful.  I am already on my third treatment and am enjoying the benefits. S Hill, Portishead

*Ive often thought about having this treatment done in the past but have always been too nervous. Having been on a diet and loosing 23lbs I felt this would be a good detox and may help shift the last few pounds. I also had problems with bloating, gas and indigestion too.
I attended with my daughter and as soon as I met Danielle she made me feel at ease with her friendly and open nature and made me realise there was nothing to be embarrassed about.
The treatment has helped with all of my problems and I am now on my third one as it has been so beneficial. Danielle is lovely and highly recommended. If you have ever wanted this treatment but have been unsure I would urge you to book an appointment. J Hill, Portishead


*Please note – the results from having a colon hydrotherapy treatment can vary from client to client. A positive approach to changing diet and lifestyle is needed for the best outcome.