Nibbling on fruit and raw veg really helps suppress your appetite.  I find when I eat raw veg through the day, I have so more energy late afternoon.   People tend to get energy dips late afternoon, and the best way to avoid this, is to eat less quick releasing sugars in the morning and at lunch.  Quick releasing sugars are foods like toast, cereal, sandwiches, crisps, white pasta, white rice, , sweets, chocolate, white flour goods.

If you start the day with good fat (avocado, olive oils, nuts, seeds), protein (eggs, fish, lean meats, beans, lentils), and low carbohydrate vegetables (lots of green veggies) you will have lots more energy through the day.

However, as well as a good clean diet, exercising daily, even if just a long walk, coupled with lots of tepid filtered water 2-3 litres per day, should do the trick!

Have more ENERGY Eat Clean!


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