Foods high is protein that aren’t from animals

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There are so many meat free meals you can make which are a good source of protein. 

The other day I made a lovely curried chick pea and butternut squash chunky soup.  Which my meat loving boyfriend loves.  It is possible to feel satisfied without eating animal products all the time.

Below are some suggestions of foods to eat to provide that all important protein.

Thank you Danielle


‘This article was written by Christian Abbas, a personal trainer in West Lothian. Spiral Fitness provides nutritional coaching, personal training and motivational support to help people reach their goals.

Proteins are the building blocks of life, breaking down into amino acids which promote cell growth and repair. They also take a lot longer to digest than carbohydrates, allowing you to feel fuller for longer (making them highly popular among those trying to lose weight).

Animal products, such as meat and fish, might immediately come to mind when you think about protein-rich foods. However, there are also plenty of plant-based foods which are just as high in protein.

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