Feeling bloated, constipated, bad wind?

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….We can all suffer with digestive symptoms at times  However, if you are suffering daily, you don’t need to. Colon Hydrotherapy could help reduce or even stop your symptoms.

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‘I had battled with constipation, low energy, and bloated-ness with the occasional bout of depression for what seemed like years. After numerous trip to the GP and prescription after prescription I wanted to solve it once and for all and was recommended Essential Health by a friend. I have been going to see Danielle at Essential Health Colonic for close to six months now and the results have been truly amazing. I saw great results within 2-3 sessions. I would not go to anybody else for treatment. Danielle is very professional, friendly, understands her subject very well, gives extremely good nutritional advice and takes a personal interest to understand why you are visiting. I was so nervous and embarrassed prior to my first session but Danielle made me feel at ease and comfortable. She also gives great after care advice. Every time I finish a session with Danielle I always leave feeling happier, less bloated, more energetic and with an extremely clear mind! Personally, I would recommend Danielle at Essential Health Colonic every time! S Wosley, Bristol’

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