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Explore the Outdoors, But Don’t Leave Delicious Food Behind: 20 Recipes That are Picnic-Perfect

Wow amazing healthy food in this article taken from ‘One Clean Planet’.  Yummy scrummy easy meals that you can take on a picnic with you!  Who needs unhealthy convenience foods?!  I love using lettuce or cabbage leaves as a wrap alternative, add the filling and hey presto a healthy and less stodgy sandwich.

‘Basket? Check. Red checkered tablecloth? Check. Plates, forks, napkins, and cups? Check. The weather is beautiful and on June 18th, plan to eat outdoors because it’s International Picnic Day. Picnics have been beloved social gatherings for centuries with people getting together and sharing dishes. In the Victorian Era, picnics were important social events and encouraged people to spend time together outdoors. There is still no better way to take advantage of the nice weather than to dine outdoors with delicious food.

Having a picnic and eating outside in a casual setting is special and fun. Surrounded by nature, friends and delicious food — sounds like heaven! So what food should you bring on a picnic? Well, we have lots of suggestions! Plan your menu with these 20 recipes that are perfect for sharing with your friends. Delicious food? Check.


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