Do you buy heavily packaged food?

By November 14, 2016 No Comments

We all need to take responsibility for our environment.  If you focus on buying healthy clean food, then most fruit and vegetables you can buy loose.   In many health food shops you can buy refillable bottles for house cleaning products. There are many options, you need to research and take action.

Tom Szaky helps us think about eco-friendly packaging for our food.  Enjoy.


‘Manufacturers are constantly looking for new, more efficient ways to deliver food to hungry consumers. But unfortunately, technologies that promise to bring you your grub quicker aren’t always so easy on the environment.

Here are some common packaging options ranked by eco-friendliness—starting with the worst offenders and working up to greener options. Every purchase counts, so by putting your dollar toward packaging that’s easier on the environment, you’re acting as a change-maker and influencing companies and manufacturers to do better.’   CLICK ME TO READ ON

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