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Constipated – Are you?

By October 29, 2018 No Comments
  1. Do you poo every day 1- 3 times?
  2. Are your poo’s easy to pass with little to no wiping?
  3. Are your poo’s like a smooth firm sausage, cardboard brown?
  4. Do you feel like you have successfully emptied after each bowel movement?
  5. Do your movements have a slight smell but not offensive?
  6. Do you pass wind daily but not excessive and smelly?

If you have answered NO to most of these questions then you are CONSTIPATED!

Did you know you can get serious digestive conditions and disease if you are constipated for long periods of time?  IBS, Cronh’s, Diverticulitis, Colon Cancer… the list goes on.

Holding onto waste means you reabsorb the toxins back into your body!

An impacted colon means a toxic body!  Toxins equal Disease!

Don’t wait for disease, prevent it!

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