Celeriac Soup

  • Celeriac
  • Onionsphoto (11)
  • Stock ( either vegetable or chicken )
  • Season with Pepper
  • Serve topped with yoghurt (optional)


This was really tasty. Slightly peppery, but full of flavour and definitely worth a try.

Celeriac has a celery like taste to it but with a hint of nuttiness. It makes an interesting and healthier option to maybe having potatoes? It can be mashed or just added to soups or stews.

It is a good source of b vitamins and vitamin k and minerals, helping cell metabolism and bone health.

Tip –  Celeriac discolours quickly once exposed……either try rubbing the cut end with a slice of lemon or orange or immerse in cold water with a squeeze of lemon or splash of white wine vinegar

Enjoy x

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