As winter comes into play we are less likely to eat raw foods.  However, cooking foods can deplete our nutrients found in vegetables, beans, meat etc… So its important to have some raw, to ensure we get lots of goodness in our bodies daily.  Raw food produces the enzymes to help us digest our foods.  If you digestion is impaired then you will suffer with many symptoms like bloating, wind, constipation and more…
Try my lovely Cajun stew and side salad.  Always eat the salad first, to start the digestive process and to ensure you don’t fill up on the cooked food.
  • Stew – Gentle simmer any vegetables, mixed beans, basmati rice and veggie sausages with Cajun spice, mixed herbs and tin tomatoes.
  • Side salad – toss together unsalted cashew nuts, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Chinese leaves, blue cheese, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon, salt and pepper

Delicious Flavour, healthy and warming

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