Bloating – causes and remedies!

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Bloating is very common with my clients in clinic.  It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause.  Unhealthy and healthy diets can cause bloating, this can confuse people.  Lee Holmes gives 10 common causes of bloating and ways of relieving them.  Enjoy Danielle


‘People often find that although they’re eating healthily, they continue to suffer from frequent stomach discomfort and ballooning. There’s nothing worse than puffing up after a delicious and healthy meal and ending up feeling like the Michelin Man on steroids.

Most gastroenterologists agree that, provided you’re not suffering from a medical condition, the likely cause of abdominal bloating is a build up of intestinal gas.

To help you narrow down the cause, I’ve compiled a list of ten common foods that can cause belly bloat’. TO READ MORE CLICK ME


Happy Belly!

Happy Belly!

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