Enjoy life without symptoms of food sensitivity.

What is food sensitivity? Food sensitivity can result from your body reacting badly to certain foods. Often the foods we include regularly in our diet or the foods we crave may be the ones causing us a problem. Research has shown that food sensitivities can be linked to IgG antibodies produced when these ‘problem’ foods are eaten. Normally these antibodies do not have any ill-effects, but if the immune or digestive system are not working optimally, their presence may provoke a wide range of symptoms.

How do I know if I have a food sensitivity? Ask yourself if you have any of the following chronic unpleasant symptoms:

  • Bloating
    Irritable bowel syndrome
    Stomach cramps / abdominal pain

What can I do about it? Talk to your health care professional about doing a FoodPrint® laboratory test. Many people experience an improvement in symptoms and health after changing their diet based on their FoodPrint results. Like any diagnostic test, FoodPrint will only produce meaningful results if you are experiencing IgG mediated food sensitivity symptoms. Some symptoms of food sensitivity may be due to other health issues and it is important to see your doctor to rule these out.

Why should I do a test? Help reduce symptoms quickly. The efficacy of a diet based upon the measurement of IgG antibodies specific for food components has been demonstrated in a number of conditions, both in independent studies and clinical practice. Excellent results have been obtained particularly in patients with migraine, IBS and IBD.

FoodPrint helps to identify potential “problem” foods by detecting food-specific IgG antibodies in your blood. Using these results as a guide, you and your health care professional can adjust and plan appropriate dietary and lifestyle interventions.

What is FoodPrint? FoodPrint is a comprehensive and highly sensitive laboratory test for food-specific IgG antibodies, which can be associated with food sensitivity. A finger prick sample is all that is required to be sent to the lab, with results returned quickly, empowering you to take control of your health.

Foods panels – There are a number of different FoodPrint panels available, thus enabling individuals to choose one that contains the foods most commonly consumed within their diet.

  • 40+
    Vegetarian 160+
    Vegan 150+

What should I do after the test? As part of the FoodPrint service, complementary nutritional support, based upon your results, is provided to guide you with making appropriate dietary adjustments. If you are currently consulting with a health care professional such as a registered nutritionist, they will work with you to create a diet which eliminates your “problem” foods, offers healthy alternatives and guides you on how to successfully re-introduce foods after an elimination period. Typically, a customised diet will be followed for around 3 months to allow the symptoms to subside and give the body time to recover.



*Please note CNSLab Tests are carried out at home and sent to a lab.  This is all arranged via Essential Health Colonics.