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OneLife Fitness and Personal Training Hi, I’m Lucy, I believe that everyone can achieve their goals with the correct training, coaching and nutrition. My mission is to motivate my clients to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible, whilst also enabling them to enjoy exercise and have fun. Low motivation, time constraints of a busy lifestyle and low self-confidence are common barriers that regularly prevent people from going to a local gym. My personalised personal training sessions aim to take the stress out of exercise by coming to you, saving you time, the inconvenience and cost of a gym membership you may never use! You dont have to be fit to get started, if you have had a baby or maybe not trained in 10 years this is not a problem, we will build each week from your starting point, so please dont think you are not fit enough to use a Personal Trainer. Fitness is what you will achieve along your journey. Training sessions can take place in your home, work place or local park in the great outdoors. I am based in the BS3 area but cover all of central Bristol and within a 10 mile radius. Sessions will be sure to push you to your limits, gaining results and making you feel refreshed with bags of new life and energy. Call Lucy today to discuss your FREE consultation  

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Fiona Campbell –  a fresh approach to healthy living  Many people are surprised to discover that even the smallest changes made to their everyday routine can result in significant improvements in their health and wellbeing. Treatment goals and health issues that myself and my team have experienced in treating include: – weight management – nutrition for optimum sporting performance – energy and mood imbalances – liver detoxification and digestive healing (especially for those with IBS) – stress related conditions – hormonal imbalances – joint problems and inflammatory conditions We seek the root cause of health problems and motivate our patients through a series of nutritional and lifestyle changes which will address these problems and preserve health in the longer term.

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Jo Hale – Head for Performance  Personal Coaching

jo hale

What does the future or the ‘new you’ look like? Do you want to make a goal a reality? Are you at a cross roads with decisions to be made? Or perhaps you simply feel lost… Personal Coaching with Head4Performance helps you take steps towards a truly fulfilling life. Whatever your situation, our sessions will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. We can assist you with:

  • Planning for the future and tools to make it happen
  • Expected or unexpected change
  • Personal Development and becoming the ‘best you’ possible
  • Dealing with challenging situations or people
  • Work or career change, including interview preparation
  • Leadership skills
  • Life dilemmas and decision making
  • Being more effective, organised and focussed
  • Anything else – You fill in the blank! Pick up the phone and call to see if Head4Performance can help.

Coaching is free flowing; it allows you the space and time to discuss and explore what you need to in a safe, supportive and impartial environment. It is tailored and results driven – we form a plan together that enables you to achieve.

“Sometimes our heads rule our hearts and we lose touch with what is really important to us. I encourage open, honest conversations that allow you to make decisions and take action in line with your core values.” Jo Hale

Your Coaching Experience Begin by booking your free 1 hour Chemistry Session. There is flexibility to customise your personal coaching experience to ensure it is right for you (longer or shorter sessions, remote coaching via telephone or Skype, choice of location). If there’s a fizz and a buzz when we meet, we can discuss what works for you. Take a look at our Coaching Relationship Guide [pdf, 910kb] to read more about having coaching with Head4Performance. Need more information? Call for a no obligation chat.

Tel: 0117 230 1627

mobile: 07768 265 398




John and Harri – Big Juice Ltdbig juice 2 “We opened our first juice bar in the summer of 2001. Bristol needed a really decent health-centric juice bar. Understanding the importance of juicing, we wanted to provide not only a place to serve healthy, totally pure, unadulterated fresh fruit and vegetable juice but also a place to be the sounding board for health ideas and discussion.

Motivated by our deep belief of a healthy diet and a continuous quest to solve the big mystery of a perfect healthy diet, we created combinations for our menuconcentrating not only on producing the best nutritional quality drinks but also delicious, nutritious and living! No short-cuts, just real fruit and veg juiced.Motivated by our deep belief of a healthy diet and a continuous quest to solve the big mystery of a perfect healthy diet, we created combinations for our menu Forever being inspired by the medicinal properties of fruit and vegetables that are missing from many our diets today, we wanted to bring these to the juice bar. The problem was, not all these vegetables tasted that greatand ruined the taste of any smoothies or juice blends. The benefits of these raw juices are too great to be dismissed so in 2009 we developed our

Juice Therapy Shots Bar Offering our customers a menu of quick shots (30ml) of pure raw juice. A menu inspired by natures finest offerings. Not all the shots taste as great as our smoothies but easy to down in one quick shot (like a tequila shot). Medicine was never meant to taste good! We are not just all about fruit and vegetables, we also want to provide our customers with products and knowledge that will help them live a healthy life. Healthy living does not have to be expensive. Certain minor changes to your daily routines can have major differences on your health and we believe our products can help.  We promise that our juices are always- tick 100% all natural fruit and vegetables tick No added preservatives tick No added colourings, additives or flavorings tick No added water or sugars tick Have not been sat on a shop shelf for days tick Nutritional and delicious! We hope you enjoy Big Juice and our products. We would love to hear from you with any feedback, ideas, recommendations or information you think would be valuable to share with others.” Here’s to good health. Cheers! John & Harri

Tel  0117 9244841

Big Juice, 21 The Glass Arcades, St. Nicholas Markets, Bristol, BS1 1LJ




Anita Taylor – Stitched up stitchedup One of the downsides of switching to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight can be a sudden reduction in the number of clothes that now fit!   If your weight loss has resulted in some of your favourite outfits looking baggy and loose, it may be possible to resurrect them with the help of an experienced seamstress.  Based in St Werburghs, Stitched Up Sewing offers affordable basic alterations as well as many other sewing services.

tel: 07988 257414





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