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Raw Snacks for work

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Eating raw means you’ll be healthier, slimmer, your digestion will improve and you are doing all your can to prevent disease.

Whilst at work and in routine this is a great time to eat raw foods.  You’d be surprised how filling raw food is, due to the nutrient dense content of the food, so you body feels nutritionally satisfied and suppresses your appetite.



Sprouts, chopped raw veggies, frozen raspberries and mango and some homemade guacamole.

All these foods are fantastic for you and will make you feel energised throughou  the day.

Not forgetting lots of water, tepid and filtered, 2-3 litres per day.

Cajun Bean Stew with a side salad – always have raw food with each meal!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 in Essential Health Recipes, News, Tips


As winter comes into play we are less likely to eat raw foods.  However, cooking foods can deplete our nutrients found in vegetables, beans, meat etc… So its important to have some raw, to ensure we get lots of goodness in our bodies daily.  Raw food produces the enzymes to help us digest our foods.  If you digestion is impaired then you will suffer with many symptoms like bloating, wind, constipation and more…
Try my lovely Cajun stew and side salad.  Always eat the salad first, to start the digestive process and to ensure you don’t fill up on the cooked food.
  • Stew – Gentle simmer any vegetables, mixed beans, basmati rice and veggie sausages with Cajun spice, mixed herbs and tin tomatoes.
  • Side salad – toss together unsalted cashew nuts, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Chinese leaves, blue cheese, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon, salt and pepper

Delicious Flavour, healthy and warming

I love Bread, so its always best to learn new ways to make it that little healthier!

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Always important to look after your skin this winter!

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Healthy Treats

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13 Healthy Treats For Late-Night Netflix Binges

Take Raw Snacks to Work

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If you feel hungry then feed your body with goodness not refined carbohydrates like crisps, chocolate etc…

I always take nuts, seeds, dried fruit, raw veg and fruit to work.  If you feed your body with nutrients, you will feel satisfied and this can help stop cravings.

Baked Eggs and Avocado

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Eggs are a great breakfast.  They’re filling and good for us.  However, lets add more good fat and vitamins to the mix, with some yummy avocado.

  • Cut an avocado in half and add an egg to each whole
  • sprinkle with salt and pepper (other seasoning if desired) and bake in the oven until the eggs are done to your liking
  • gently fry some mushrooms in butter with salt and pepper
  • add some garnish



Protein and good Fat! Feel the goodness!

Its that time of year to sort your digestion out before Christmas!

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You don’t want to be bloated or sluggish for Christmas?  Get yourself feeling better, more energised and improve your digestion.

Colon Hydrtherapy could help with many digestive issues like bloating, constipation, IBS, cramps, bad wind…

Its only £50 and you get lots of diet advice to help get you healthy.

Just because Christmas is around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t shed some pounds, get your digestion functioning correctly and feel good, just in time.

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Hydrate with Colonics!

Eat Well and Feel Great!














Try Colon Hydrotherapy to relieve your digestive complaints

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