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Bristol based Essential Health Colonics was founded by Danielle Parkinson who is extremely passionate about the health benefits of colonic irrigation after experiencing a course of treatments herself.  In today’s society, unfortunately we have become accustomed to eating on the go and reaching for convenience foods due to our fast paced and high pressured lifestyles. This has led to an increase in the growing number of digestive complaints, which in turn, has resulted in colonics becoming an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

There is real stigma when it comes to talking about our bowel movements.  Bowel movements are natural, just like eating.  It is very important that we do both in order to survive and stay healthy.

Unfortunately people are not having daily bowel movements.  People are not producing healthy stools.  We are not eating and drinking well.  We are stressed and malnourished, resulting in feeling and looking unwell.

I meet many people at Essential Health Colonics, from all walks of life, that are suffering daily due to unhealthy/irregular bowel movements.  This is no fun. People feel rubbish constantly and deal with a long list of symptoms due to this and I want to help.

With a course of treatments, diet changes, exercise and relaxation, symptoms can be improved.  You can leave Essential Health Colonics feeling better, with the tools to get healthier and stay healthy for the future.

You don’t need to suffer, don’t feel embarrassed, try colonic hydrotherapy and start to feel great!



What is Colon Hydrotherapy/Irrigation?


Colon Hydrotherapy (also known as Colonic Irrigation) is an effective and safe process of cleansing the colon. This cleanse is done with purified filtered water, which removes colon waste – an “internal shower” which will leave you feeling healthier and energised.

Colonic irrigation is great at detoxifying the colon from a build-up of wastes, yeasts and toxins. An accumulation of these waste products has a harmful effect on the body and slows many of its processes.  Poor elimination can lead to chronic conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diarrhoea, headaches, skin problems, bloating, constipation, diverticulitis, asthmas, sleeping problems, depression, weight gain, many allergies and much more…. You’d be surprised how many of your daily symptoms will come from your impacted and sluggish colon.


For more information on what to expect from your colonic treatment, click here. 

Please note that Essential Health Colonics has moved to Southville

Even though the location is different, this video gives you a good idea of what to expect

Providing colonics in Bristol:


Southville Clinic
68 Coronation Road


Tel: 0117 963 2335 (please mention Essential Health Colonics when calling)





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*Please note – the results from having a colon hydrotherapy treatment can vary from client to client. A positive approach to changing diet and lifestyle is needed for the best outcome.